Sunday, July 3, 2011

My job tasks

Here are summary of some systems that I daily face with, in my work life.

"More to be learn"

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Go working life

After finish my last semester at UTAR this 12may, i attended my 1st interview at Afamosa resort on 25 may and 2nd interview at intotest sdn bhd.

This is trophies display inside Intotest sdn bhd meeting room...1st time two gold bull awards appear in front me, so beautiful.

I had made my decision to join Afamosa to gain experiences in IT fields.

Here is the store room just beside my office (IS department)

full view of the store room

here is my office (so small =.=)

windows that can see through from outside to the office =.=

club house garden

hotel server room at resort hotel, all this devices belongs to us ...haha(IS dept)

our office have everything u need (if not sold out)...just call us ...LoL, below r some items u can see inside the office:

standby power

cpu(famous devices request from office staff)


receipt printer

monitor , keyboard, mouse

and LAN cable^^

"I proud to be member of the cool office"

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Last week 14 at UTAR

This week, my last study week (week 14) at utar T.T. At here, just to noted down what I had done in this memorable week.

Monday : fyp presentation

Presents my final year project.

slide cover

one of the slide contents

my presentation slide--"5 days works" lol


Public holiday -.-


Data communication and networking lecture class (by Dr Choo)


last lecture class, also data comm. =.=


no classes, but Me and Adrian come to UTAR just to borrow webcam (+ enjoy lab air cond)to do our last miniproject in UTAR for computer vision and imaging.

" final final exam is coming"

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wanted: 1323 fridge thieves

Final exam is around and it's going to end my y3s2, from last semester until now one big unsolved question, it is not exam question, but it seems like this question harder than exam question :"who are the 1323(hostel) R@t(fridge thieves)???"
3 of my housemates become victims of the R@t since 6 month ago until unknown..-.-

What’s 1323R@t’s favorite
cereal? Co-Co Crunch
What’s 1323R@t’s favorite drinks? milo & vitagen
What’s 1323R@t’s favorite
dairy product? butter

Are u the one we are finding?

I had found 5 ways to prevent food from being stolen from this sites:
my housemates had done one from the 5 ways, which is
"Leave A More Direct Message For The Thief". there also show some funny idea, ...


for me, i am more like the fridge locker

"We will catch you one day!~"

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Q1&lab reports = rubbish?

Just now, at VLSI class, I saw dr aissa take quiz1 papers and lab reports out from blue bin bag, -.-

one blue bag for lab reports, one blue bag for test papers

at the corner side - blue bin bag in dustbin

"Don't throw it away o~"

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

rap by dr V

Very nice, like it!

"Thankx, dr V >.<"

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

deal with utar LCD projector^^

how we can raise up LCD projector? any idea? book and file we will normally use. Last week, dr A use a more high tech. device to deal with it:

with his hand phone ...-.-

"only old model phone can do so o"